About us

A new developereconomy.

We're building an open, transparent, and scalable economy that works for everyone.

There's nothing more inspiring than seeing smart, passionate developers contribute their time to open-source software ("OSS"). As developers, we know OSS serves as the backbone of the modern web while playing an important role in our daily routines.

But, we also have to recognize that we're a long way from when OSS was first invented and later popularized by Github and others. In today's world, there are over 100M developers and millions of OSS projects to navigate on Github. And, by every indication, those numbers are growing rapidly.

As an independent developer, this means a primary part of your job is learning to navigate that ecosystem with confidence. Sure, the best projects rise to the top, but it's quite possible that the tools you invested in yesterday may not be around today. This is partially due to the rapid innovation cycle but it's also worth mentioning the lack of time and resources that most authors enjoy.

Generally speaking, this is why over 99% of developers consume OSS while less than 1% of developers contribute. The reality is that most developers don't have the time or resources since the expectation is that you'll do it for free. From our perspective, this has created an untenable situation for software developers. Why would anyone work for free? And why isn't your time respected the same as any other industry? It's concerning because software is a creative and technical profession, however we've left ourselves without a creator economy that pays dividends.

At Playbooks, we recognize markets change and we believe that open (and closed) source software shouldn't be the only games in town. That's why we're building a new developer economy where you can buy, sell, and exchange code seamlessly. Our platform offers an alternative to open (and closed) source software letting developers directly monetize their time and expertise. We call it Hybrid Source Software and we'd love for you to join us on our journey.

Eric Hubbell

CEO / Founder